Thursday, December 3, 2009

December !!! The Countdown begins Now!

The countdown begins to my my 3 year loc anniversary!!!! The official date is Dec. 30and the three year mark is big for me because I will be venturing into new territory. I have a habit of not staying with things or seeing things through. This ranges from countries (my average is usually 4 years in one country), to jobs, to projects. Well I've been learning and growing a lot and one of things that I've started to learn about is commitment. It has been an interesting experience to actually stick something out. While I have definatly enjoyed hopping around the globe I came to realise it became a habit to dash to another place to get away from any internal issues I didn't want to deal with and this trickled down into almost every facet of my life. What do my locs have to do with all this you ask? Going on this locing journey has really just enforced my sense of commitment and taking the time to really fully examine and explore things, what I'm saying in a very round about way is that I guess I had a tendancy to do things kind of half assed. In being more willing to fully give the time and patience to embrace the whole experience of where I am, what I'm doing, what I want it has allowed me to really, really, really getting to know Myself. I feel this locing journey has come to symbolise that for me and I've made so many wonderful discoveries, healed a lot of internal, emotional wounds (still working on the healing lol!), self knowldege where I'm discovering strengths and talents I had denied and a passion for life that I had dulled. Yeah it's that deep folks! Hitting this three year mark will be big for me. Not just oh how long are my locs, how tight are they, blah, blah, blah and that's all fun and good but for me these locs are a symbol of how I wanted something, achieved it and stuck through it, through the ups and downs, how I learned to truly arm myself with knowledge, realise I was bold enough to step out as just me and find out wow I really like myself! So when I hit that three year mark, I will be thankful for the lessons I've learned, the blessings I've been given and looking forward to the continued journey. Oh and when the day arrives y'all know I'll just be talking about the hair, the color, the length, the conditioners, the rinses...... Ciao bellas!


  1. Locs for me have pretty much the same meaning! I can start something but fail to follow through...I WILL follow through with this journey. My journey is about commitment as well as discipline. Excellent post, and I can definitely relate.

  2. Fantastic post! I can relate to a lot of it, but Sis please, do not put yourself down for those aspects of your personality for they are not bad or good but are a part of what makes you who YOU are. There's only one LaLoced, a beautiful strong fearless Sista, so do you.

    With that being said are there improvements that we can make on ourselves, of course there are. But the key is to be who you are as these labels that tend to be put on us especially as women are so limiting. ***stepping of the soap box and trying to take my own advice*** lol

  3. Thank-you ladies both so much!jhavianicole your locs are beautiful, you are beautiful and sending you support on your journey.

    msfullroller as always than-you, you truly are an amazing, supportive and beautiful woman thank-you for the support and words of wisdom I truly take them to heart.