Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Hello All!
I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday season and was able to ring in the New Year with Love, Joy, Peace and Success! I just wanted to drop a quick hello and also mark my 3 year loc anniversary! OK I'm late the official date is Dec. 30 and as much as I love blogging, I was in the airport for most of that day on my way back to LA. Soooo, how does it feel to reach this milestone? well I'm lovin' my locs, I treated them to a professional retighting when I was down in Houston with TREAT being the operative word. I've become such a DIYer I forgot how good it was to have someone take over the reigns and Gail (the stylist) really gets 5 stars! She's also a sisterlocks consultant and she has a head full of flawless healthy locs. What normally takes me a day (when I latch) took her two hours and the areas where a few oopsies had happened, she corrected. Of course she complimented my locs so that makes her extra special LOL! All this for only $75.00!!!!!! For us Naturellas out here in LA that is an amazing price! As I said before I'm still in love with my locs but I have to say it is weird having hair covering my neck and a few tickling past my collarbone and sad but true most of the time I'm wearing my hair in ponytail, but I did a fierce up do for New year's (pics to follow). Looking forward to all the new experiences and growth 2010 has to bring and wishing all you of you who a Happy and Blessed entrance into 2010!

P.S. For all the ladies in Houston looking for a quality loctician and sisterlocks consultant, I've added Gail's website to my link list.


  1. Your hair's looking FYNE!!Congrats on this milestone.And thank you for blogging.

  2. Girl, your hair is looking great! I usually just lurk and read quietly but I just had to come and give you some respect :)

  3. Oh I can really see them in the pic! Again gorgeous locs Sis! Looking forward to your style pics as well!

  4. You guys are making me blush!!! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!