Saturday, January 23, 2010

Quck Hello

Hey Guys,

I've been sidelined by a really bad cold/flu that has just knocked me out! Been in bed for the past few days and I just want to get better arrgh! Remember when you were a kid and being sick was fun, because mom or grandma made your favorite foods, staying in bed all day was fun and you could watch as much television as you wanted. Now cut to being a single adult female, living on her own and yes I'm lucky to have family and friends near by but waaah it's not the same as having someone tuck you in and coming in your room with prepared hot drinks, now I have to get up and make the damn drinks myself hrrmmpph! And staying in bed costs me time and money to boot. Folks take your vitamins, wash your hands frequently and if you should get sick please do the responsible thing and stay home for a few and not what my colleague at work did schlepping in sick and contaminating us all!!!! I just needed to vent and throw myself a little pity party.

On to a different subject altogether. We're all aware of the tragic situation in Haiti, please do what you can whether it's donating clothes, blood or money.If you are donating funds please make sure it is a credible organization, as much as there are so many people reaching out, there are always those few bad apples who want to take advantage of people's humanity and generosity.

Enjoy your Week-end and Stay Healthy!


  1. Sending healing vibes your way! Hope you feel better soon Sis!

  2. thank-you, thank-you, ladies! I'm feeling much better!