Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My New Summer Hair Color!

Hey Guys!
As you can see I finally dyed my hair again, I couldn't wait until June.  The color is a lot more intense than the last time I dyed my hair in December but I used the same brand Naturtint, the same color too (Fireland), this time instead of using their developer I used a stronger one a 30 developer that I bought from Sally's. A friend of mine who is a hair stylist and colorist but based in NYC, walked me through what I needed to get and what to do.  I let one day pass then followed the process with a color glaze and perfecto!!! I am so happy with the results and ready for the summer.  I still haven't done a reti on my roots, as you can see and I'm loving the volume that I have.  I think I will be able to have my way and only need to retighten twice a year.  So have a wonderful day lovelies!



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  2. Oh, wow the color looks fabulous!! One can really see it in the pics!