Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I trimmed my locs & A Color Announcement!

Hello,hello,hello Lovelies! Thought I would give a quick update on the locs. I recently trimmed my locs and I am so happy that I did! I had a few uneven locs that were really bothering me and also some locs just looking scraggly at the ends, so I thought time for a trim. The result is that my locs feel bouncier, look healthier to me and I am pleased with the results.  As you can see from the photo, I still have a few that are uneven but I'm going to get a friend to help me rectify that issue. I'm sure you can also tell from the photo that my hair is no longer red. I didn't dye it again but I simply let the color fade out. I'm giving my hair a break from color for about 3 months because in December I will dye it again (don't think for a second the addiction has stopped). I'm going to still stick with red but this time instead of using just one color, I'm going to up my game and go for a multi-dimensional look using varying shades of reds. So these next few months I will focus on making sure my hair is conditioned, keep taking my vitamins (I've added MSM to the mix) and research professional color brands. At the moment the two brands I'm eyeing are Satin and Wella. My professional colorist friend is visiting LA at the end of this month and I will bombard him with questions. Why don't I just let him color my hair well....he's AMAZING at what he does and his prices reflect his knowledge of that. He is kind enough to always answer all my questions and give me step by step instructions as far as placement, mixing and product recommendations. I also recently gave myself an intense protein treatment using the Aphogee 2 step protein treatment (more on that next post).  So that's the news on the locs.  My focus on growing healthy, long locs continues. Until next time!
P.S. Excuse the hole in my shirt!

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  1. They are looking great. I can't wait to give my locs a cute little bob. I'm going to wait until they get a little longer and chop 'em off. Can't wait to hear about your protein treatment!