Monday, January 16, 2012

"Red Tails" Why We Need To Support This Movie!!!!

If you didn't know already I'm an actress. Being a black actor in this industry you are constantly coming up against barriers that one would hope would've gone away in the 1930's let alone 2012! I joke with my fellow actors that if you were just to go by the film and television industry one would think that the black female is extinct and when a person of color is shown on television it's just one person of color, the one Asian, African, Latino (you get where I'm going with this) and usually a very small featured role. Despite the fact that the biggest and only movie star that can guarantee a hit movie just by their name is Will Smith, you still hear that the reason you don't see more people of color in movies  has nothing to do with race but it's simply business. I call such major shenanigans with this argument it's not even funny! We've never and have never been given the same opportunities as our fellow Caucasian thespians ever! The only time a movie is considered mainstream is if the cast is all white, once in a while the industry will throw us a bone and cast one or two people of color. Despite the countless mainstream film flops, you will never hear, "oh, it's because the cast was all white". With this background in mind, why am I urging you guys to flock to see the movie "Red Tails"? Because this is the first big budget movie ($58 million) where the main cast is all black. Produced by George Lucas it took him years to finally get this film made because of the a fore mentioned mentality of Hollywood Studios. Black films aren't given the budget and distribution deals that the "mainstream" movies receive, yet our money is accepted by these studios no questions asked. I'll be honest, I'm not a huge war movie fan, but this film is about brave men, showing black men as heroes as opposed to thugs, victims, cross dressing buffoons or whatever stereotype Hollywood has tried to force down our throats. Where we choose to spend our money is a very powerful weapon, let's use it! This movie opens this Friday Jan.20. Opening week-end is when the studios pay attention, let us make this movie No.1 and have these bigots eat their words.


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