Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why Didn't You Just Comb Them Out?!?

Hello Lovelies!!!
The reaction to the new look has been overwhelmingly positive. From my real life friends to my cyber friends,  I have received awesome, awesome support and compliments Thank You!!!! And I am loving, loving my hair!  But you know how there always has to be that one person....and let me just say I don't think said person meant it to be negative, but I was asked why I didn't comb out my locs?  While I have seen many videos on YouTube  and read about people who have successfully combed out there locs and were able to retain a decent amount of length, this was never an option for me for many reasons which I shall now share:
1. The time it takes to do that, forget it! I don't have that kind of patience.

2. The reason for cutting my locs was because I needed the release, I wanted to let go of that hair. Had I combed out my locs I would still have had the hair they just wouldn't be locked.

3. I have loose hair amnesia. It' s been a while since I had loose hair, needed to think about de-tangling, what extra products I might need, how my hair care routine has to change. I like the fact that my hair is so short now that I'm not overwhelmed, I can slowly ease into what adjustments I need to make for loose hair and also since the last time I wore my hair loose there are all these new things and terminology I'm getting used to, heck I still haven't wrapped my head around the whole 4a,b,c,d,e, thing! I'm like can't we all just be kinky like back in the day?

4. And last but not least I wanted a super, short haircut! To be honest at this stage my hair might stay this way for a while, I'm more focused with keeping it healthy and less so on reaching a hair length goal.

So while I think it's great the comb out option is there for those who simply want to return to loose hair but don't want to cut off all their hair, it never even crossed my mind as an option. It simply wasn't what I wanted or needed.


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