Tuesday, March 6, 2012

AS I AM Product Review

Hello, hello, hello lovelies! It's almost 10PM and I'm still feeling wonderfully invigorated since discovering the steam and sauna room at my gym this morning (been going there for 3 years, shame!). This has nothing to do with the product review I'm about to embark on, but I just wanted to share:) On to the review! As I Am hair products available at Sally's (where I bought mine), online at http://asiamnaturally.com/ and I think at Walgreens. The line caters to curly, coily, kinky hair. The packaging is sleek and inviting, the smell of the products remind me of candy but are the products any good? Tempted by the wonderful packaging and an awesome buy one get one free deal Sally's was having I decided to try these products that were claiming they were made for me, with women on their  website whose hair looked like mine! I bought the Hydration Elation deep conditioner, Leave-in conditioner and CocoShea Spray. After using the products for about 3 weeks these are my thoughts:
Hydration Elation- claims to be an intense hydrating deep conditioner did nothing for my hair. The creamy texture and feel of the product going on my hair, led me to believe I would have super duper moisturized hair only to be disappointed with less than stellar results. I tried using my heat cap, leaving this on for an hour NOTHING! My $3.49 Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle conditioner kicks this conditioner's ass! And add insult to injury the price tag for this so called deep conditioner is $15.99! I now use it for co-washing.
Leave-In Conditioner- This product is OK, wasn't bad, wasn't great just meh. It's very light but it does moisturize well enough, nothing to make me run, shout and spread the good news to anyone about. I found on my hair it only works on freshly shampooed or co-washed hair, which is exactly what it says on the directions. It makes a great base for my spritzers. So while I don't have anything bad to say about this product it's nothing special either.
CocoShea Spray- This product and I have declared war on each other! My mom doesn't like me using the word hate and I know she sometimes reads my blog, but ooooooh this product! I have a strong, venomous, dislike for. I followed the directions on how to use it and all I got was a sticky, coated mess on my hair. It leaves a white residue doesn't moisturize, doesn't seal in moisture, doesn't work well with other products or on it's own, I can't mix it with other things to "fix" it! And normally my hair loves coconut oil and Shea butter but I don't know what Frankenstein technique was used when formulating this product and, and... it's $14.99!!!!! Yeah this pissed me off! (sorry mom).
So this is probably my last venture with the AsIAm product line, which is a shame because I do so love the packaging and the advertising and who knows maybe  I tried the  products of theirs that are duds (yeah I'm not buying that theory either). If any of you use these products and are lovin' it good for you! For those who've been curious to try, I'd have to say pass.  Hoped this helped:)



  1. Thanks so much for this review of the As I Am hair products. I saw the commercial for the first time today and thought to myself, "can't wait til Friday so I can go buy some!" But after reading this, I won't. I already have enough products that don't do what I need them too. So, thanks a bunch :)

  2. My favorite items from this line are the Twist defining cream and coconut cowash!

  3. My favorite shampoo and conditioner are the ones from pro naturals. They are made with real argan oil and give back your hair's elñasticity and natural balance. check them out!