Monday, May 7, 2012

Hemp Seed Oil!

Hello Lovelies! I told you I would be back with more detail on hemp seed oil, which I am loving! I started adding this oil to my diet. I take a tablespoon a day. The reason I got turned on to this oil was because of it's Omega 3 and Omega 6 ratio, they are essential fatty acids that we all need. The balance between the Omega 3s to Omega 6s in hemp seed oil is ideal. Why are essential fatty acids so important? Because they are part of  pretty much every function of our body at the cellular level. They improve our health, immune system, cardiac health and of course skin and hair (you know it was the skin and hair bit that got me intrigued).  I've been taking my dosage of hemp seed oil for a little over a month now and one thing I've started to notice is that my skin seems clearer, brighter. I used to take flax seed oil, but hemp seed oil is cheaper and like flax seed oil on steroids (nutritionally speaking) so I'm getting more bang for my buck. I haven't used it externally yet, but I will soon add it to my face oil mixture and try it out on my hair. You can find hemp seed oil at your local health food store and  from  various online vendors, where you'll probably find the best bargain too. Now you all know I'm not a doctor, nutritionist, health care provider etc., If you too are intrigued by this oil, I encourage you to do your own research. I just wanted to share my experience with this gem of an oil. Have a great week:)


P.S. and for all you wondering if you'll get high from this, the answer is NO! The oil doesn't contain the THC that gets you high OK.

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