Monday, November 26, 2012

10 Month Hair Update

A Twist Out that I'm proud of:)

I hope all my US readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving and didn't go too crazy with shopping on Black Friday. So it has been 10 months since my BC when I said good bye to my locs. I find that I am still learning how to manipulate my loose hair but I am definitely enjoying this journey a lot. I'm also pleased with the healthy growth and having fun with styling my hair! The convenience of twists are awesome, when I go to the gym, just relaxing at home, or even going out I keep my hair in the twists and then for a textured 'fro simply unravel!!  I had a bit of a learning curve figuring out how to diminish the frizziness of my twists and what products to use. I was also apprehensive that as my hair grew longer I would find it to be more high maintenance, but I couldn't have been more wrong ( for now at least). I stick to the Curly Girl (CG) method. My hair really responds well to co washing and avoiding silicons. Using conditioner as my leave in (currently Tresemme Naturals) works just fine and is budget friendly. I have joined the countless leagues of naturals who swear by and love Ecostyler olive oil gel, how pomades are a must for me now and the success I've been having with my own homemade concoctions. So lovelies don't get too crazy on cyber Monday and have a wonderful day:)

first braid out, not much definition, but I hadn't discovered the power of gel yet.

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