Monday, March 11, 2013

Conclusion on Finger Detangling

Hello Lovlies,

I completed my February finger de-tangling challenge and these are my final are thoughts. I did notice significantly less hair shed when I finger detangled and it was also VERY time consuming. So will I still continue to finger detangle? Well here's the thing, I think part of the reason I was noticing more shed hair when I detangled with my comb is that I was still combing through my hair as if it was still in it's teeny twa.  As my hair grows longer, I'm starting to experience the  issues other naturals with longer hair have, specifically single strand knots. My hair tangles oh so very easily and I hadn't modified my detangling routine.  During my finger detangling challenge I learned that it is easiest for me to detangle my hair when it has been stretched either via twists or braids. I also learned I need to go slowly and it is best when I section my hair and then detangle. So post finger detangling challenge I  will continue to do this. I now lightly finger detangle my hair first to get through any single strand knots, then wet my hair and apply my co wash (currently using AS I Am) and follow up detangling in the shower with my  seamless comb slowly and gently. Should I come across a single strand knot I missed, I use my fingers to detangle. I find doing things this way saves me time but I'm not pulling out my hair roughly.  The shed hair seems to be the same amount as when I was just finger detangling. Long story short,  I've learned that I need to be more gentle with my hair and while I may have shortend the time of detangling  by reintroducing my comb, it is still a tedious but necessary task.


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