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5 Reasons Why Fitness is Part of a Successful Beauty Regimen

 Hello Loves and Happy New Year and yeah to Black History Month! To kick off this year of celebration (what I've decided to call 2016, why not?) Here is a post that was written for my blog by Paisley Hansen:

Although having the best facial cleanser, hair products, and clothing can really play a large part in improving your appearance, some of the most beautiful and successful people in the word understand that the essence of fitness is a healthy mind, body and spirit. If you want to appear your very best for as long as possible, embracing total fitness can help you now and in the future. Consider some of the reasons why a solid fitness regimen works well for improving your appearance at any age.

1. Workouts Lead to an Amazing Body

Really attractive people know that being in great physical shape is a significant part of looking your very best. Developing those glorious abs and taut limbs is easier to do once you become seriously committed to working out. When you sculpt and tone your body through exercise, more people will think that you look beautiful, and you will feel great too. According to WebMD, exercise is similar to cleaning your skin from the inside out. When you sweat during intense exercise, your body has the opportunity to flush harsh toxins and other elements that cause a lackluster appearance and ill health. Exercising enhances your circulation, helps you build collagen to reduce wrinkles, and it adds a radiant glow to your complexion that lingers for hours.

2. What Goes in Your Body Shows

No smart fitness routine would be considered complete without a balanced diet. Individuals who devour diets that lack nutrients will undoubtedly experience the negative effects on their physical appearance. If you consume every meal with no regard to the amount of fat, sodium, and artificial ingredients that it contains, your physical beauty and BMI will suffer as a result. By consuming the right type of foods, you can stay lean, fit and more attractive for decades. Aim to eat life- giving, nutritious selections like leafy vegetables and fruits every day to keep your skin, hair, nails, and organs healthy. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol in excess as doing so regularly will sabotage your fitness efforts, destroy your natural beauty, and make you age faster.

3. Exercise Rejuvenates the Mind and Spirit Too
Many people experience a sense of calm and forget their current problems by taking a jog around the block, or by playing sports. According to the American Psychological Association, exercise is great natural mood enhancer. Not surprisingly, folks in general are more prone to breakouts, rashes, and other skin conditions when they are stressed out, but exercising relieves that stress that can sabotage your beauty. Yoga is an excellent form of invigorating exercise that has the power to clear your mind and nourish your spirit as well.

4. To Maintain An Optimistic Attitude and Aura

There's nothing like a pretty or handsome face adorned with a frown, as it can make anyone look less attractive than they could be. Endorphins are the hormones that make us feel good and happy about life. Exercising vigorously at least once a day encourages the release powerful, mood-boosting endorphins into your system. When there are low levels of endorphins in your brain, you're likely to look and act in a dull manner. When you are happier, you are likely to smile much more, and joyful women and men are some of the most attractive people on earth.

5. Fitness Requires a Commitment that Yields Results

People who maintain a high level of fitness often stay good-looking and energetic far longer than their dormant counterparts. It takes time, perseverance, and motivation to achieve the level of physical fitness that can boost your attractiveness, and you must remain consistent to be most successful. Cultivating healthy fitness habits and sticking to them contributes to your overall beauty over time more than money, attire, or plastic surgery can.

The fitness-beauty connection should not be underestimated if looking gorgeous is a priority for you in life. Don't leave your looks to chance by neglecting to develop a total fitness regimen now. Keep in mind that total fitness is only a part of a beauty regimen, and combining it with the proper products and beauty treatments further enhances your looks. Adopting fitness as an integral part of your daily life can help you look more radiant, healthy, and attractive for years to come.


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 * This article was written by Paisley Hanson a writer and blogger that covers topics on health, home-decor, DIY and cooking. You can find her on twitter or contact her at paisley.beauty.life@gmail.com 

I would like to thank Mz. Hansen for her contribution to Expanding Beauty!

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