Monday, May 16, 2016

Recovering from a case of the F#@ck Its.

Hey, Hey, Hey

Spring is in the air, I've come out of hibernation and form dealing with a case of the f#@ck its. So fresh from recovery and I hear we're in Mercury and some other planets' retrogrades so.... mmmm Ok what to do?  Whether you believe in planetary influences or not, I feel why not take the opportunity to maybe re-evaluate somethings, re-charge or just rest. Did see what I was doing there? Yup using the RE in retrograde as my inspiration. Sometimes, especially with our very noisy lives, mixed in with anxiety, fear, other people's demands and our harsh judgments on ourselves we need to step back or else you get a case of the f#@ck its as I like to call it. Now this is not a bad thing, it's not fun but it's not bad. Sometimes a case of f#@ck its is what you need to be like, "you know what something's gotta change" and sometimes that change can be as simple as how you perceive / choose to see things. So you've just come out of or an in the midst of a case of the FIs  to only enter a retrograde period, Whaat?!?!!  Well rather than freak out and feel stuck it can also be a time to nurture yourself and amp your faith and trust in yourself and universe (or however you do you spiritually). Just thought I'd share, but I gotta say I've quite been enjoying this quiet time of introspection and cutting out the excess noise in my life. I 'll say it again the f#@ck doesn't feel pleasant and it can sometimes take you uncomfortable places, but coming through to the other side and having this opportunity to just enjoy calmness and recharge...well I'm thankful and gratitude is a beautiful thing.


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