Thursday, May 28, 2009

NappyLoc Tool

I have recently decided to switch from twisting my locs, which were started by comb coils, to using the Nappyloc tool. The reason for the switch is because I'm pretty active and it just was annoying that after a fresh twist my hair would unravel and that was $75.00 down the drain. I also have small locs and I've heard the latching makes them stronger because I don't want my babies breaking or thinning out! So after much perusal on (a must for those who have gone natural) I decided to order the NappyLoc Tool. So far I have only done one retighting about a week ago. My verdict so far, I love it!!! I ordered the maintenance kit which is just the tool and instructions that you can download. I found it quite easy to use, I was conservative with my rotations because I don't like the a lot of scalp showing look and I figured I can always do more rotations if it wasn't tight enough. Since I've just began using the tool, only time will tell whether I stick with it or return to twisting. One thing to note, is that you don't really get just how small the tool actually is from the website (the website does post sizes, but I'm too lazy to measure my locs). I ordered the small and it works for the majority of my locs but there were some in the back that really had to be ....coaxed in the tool because they were a bit too large and probably would work best on the medium but oh well, it's working fine for now. So I'll post a picture of the tool next to a pen and roller pix, to give a better idea of the size. I have also posted a picture of one of my locs that fits perfectly in the small size that I ordered. Questions? Comments? Please feel Free and hope this helps. Ciao Bellas!

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