Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dreams of Honey, Coconut & Palmoil What?!

So last night while sleeping I had dreams of honey, coconuts and lemons! I took this to be a sign of inspiration and all through work today and racing home I could not wait to get to my kitchen! Before I continue with this story you must know that I am an extreme DIYer!!!! I make my own lotions, spritzes, hair oil combos, conditioners (I think you're getting the idea.) So heading to my kitchen means I'm going to play with some ingredients and come up with a dish for my hair Lol! I have this palm oil that I ordered from (a great place to get unrefined shea butter, various oils and soaps and it's fair trade!) that has been sitting on the shelf because I haven't quite figured out how to use it on my hair along with concerns that it might cause build up on my locs. Well while surfing on nappturality I came across Black Angel who was just going on about how she used palm oil and it left her locs so soft and moisturised. Well now I got really itchy to try my palm oil and my fear of buildup lowered but I still held misgivings of a 100% pure palm oil condition and then.....(wait for it!) the dream of honey, coconuts and lemons!!! I took this to be the answer the hair gods had sent as to how to temper the palm oil. So I juiced some lemons, heated up the palm oil, added a teaspoon of honey, about a 1/4 cup of my lemon juice, threw in some coconut and almond oil (just cause, almonds weren't in the dream) and threw in a few drops of lemon essential oil. shook it all up and it is now sitting in my fridge waiting, waiting and waiting for Monday when I wash my hair (insert dramatic cliffhanger music here)!!!!!! You can be sure I will keep you posted on how it all turns out and whether my dreams have guided me to a beautiful reality. I've posted pictures of the palm oil (the orange one) and the coconut oil. The almond oil and essential oil can be found at any health food store, the honey and lemons at your local grocer's. Wish me luck!
P.S. check out agbanga!


  1. Looking forward to your observations on how it turned out.

  2. you know at first I was kind of so so but this is my second day and my scalp feels awesome! I'm going to do it again just use less.

  3. Hi Laloced,your locks are beautiful!I ordered the African Black soap from the Abangakarite website and it works wonders on my skin;I hardly need a moisturizer and I'm not breaking out nearly as much.That's a great idea that you posted about adding water to make shampoo.Thank you....Krystal