Saturday, May 30, 2009

Michelle's Intervention

My friend Michelle who is in my yoga and bellydance class has a beautiful set of locs that she started herself through twists and maintains herself. I did notice they seemed a bit dry and dull and since I can be nosy, I started asking questions about her hair. She's had her locs for 8 years and through dye jobs and surfing her locs were suffering from dryness, she continued on and revealed that her strategy to combat this was useing vaseline or baby oil but it didn't seem to be helping. VASELINE and Johnson's & Johnson's BABY OIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! poison for the hair!!!!!! Ladies Hair Rule #1 AVOID MINERAL AND PETROLATUM, PETROLEUM JELLY AT ALL COSTS! Products that contain these ingredients will just sit on hair, they don't absorb into the skin, clog your pores, which will hinder hair growth and they dry out your hair and for loc wearers they help in attracting dust and lint (yeah!). I had to come to the aid of my friend and break her free of the vaseline addiction she had developed. Once I screamed to her all the bad points of these two products that she has been faithful to I forbid her from useing them. She agreed and is now on a strict regimen of good for you hair products created by Laloced herself! I gave her a spritz that I mixed for her with aloe vera juice, my hair infusion (which I can break down later, if anyone's curious), mixed with jojoba, avocado oil, vegetable glycerine and some essential oils. I also asked if she'd be a test baby for a palm oil/kapanga butter conditioner I mixed up (she was willing). I've posted a picture of Michelle's locs in their current state and I'll track her progress to moisturised, healthy locs!

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