Monday, June 15, 2009

Conclusion on the Palm Oil

Hello Friends,

So I did the palm oil conditioner once again and in short while I like the way it makes my scalp feel, I prefer my coconut mix. When I used the palm oil this time I only used about a 1/2 cup, left it on my hair for 30 min (covered head with a shower cap). Then washed it out about four times*, I used a castile soap shampoo that I get from Trader Joe's but use what you will. This time I didn't do the ACV rinse and for this reason I think the odor of the palm oil lingered longer. The smell of the palm oil isn't offensive but it makes you think of food and I don't want my hair smelling of cooking (that's just me). The odor factor and the fact that my locs feel softer when I use a coconut oil base has me thinking that I will let go of the palm oil. I tried my first braid set style and it gave my hair body but not the crinkles I was wanting. Where I went wrong was I didn't let my hair dry all the way, it would've been better to have done the set the day before because I'm not one to stay under the dryer for a long time, it turned out OK, I'll let you folks decide (posted a picture of me with the beautiful bride). So ladies now that I have my Mountain Rose materials I'm going to be coming up with some new mixtures this week! I will definitely keep you posted. Peace and Love Beauties!

* I washed for times because I had diluted the shampoo, if you are trying this or any oil conditioner, I recommend not diluting the castile shampoo and you'll probably only need two washes.

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