Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Number One Tool For DIYers: KNOWLEDGE

Hello Fellow Queens!
Well I just got back from las Vegas and I'm still in recovery mode, so this post will be a quickie but a goodie (Lol!). As a diehard DIYer the most important tool that one must own in order to have beautiful, healthy locs or natural hair is KNOWLEDGE. Before I started my natural hair journey in 1998 (there I go dating myself) I didn't know much , I didn't know how to treat my hair, what products I should use, the needs of my hair, I knew nothing but some played out myths about kinky hair. This misinformation led to frustration and the misconception that I had "difficult" hair. I realized that I had to school myself on my hair ASAP if we were going to have a long nappy and happy relationship and thanks to the worldwide web I found some great books that really informed me with a wealth of knowledge. These books empowered me with knowledge and increased my love for the beautiful kinky hair that I was blessed with and since then my hair and I have been in a wonderful love affair! So for all newbies on the road to wearing their hair natural be it in locs or an afro INFORM YOURSELF! There are great fun books to read and I have listed my faves that have been guiding me along the way. Another thing that I would recommend is to collect images of natural hair in all forms and lengths (I do this with locs) and it will inspire you on your journey. So ladies (and to any gents that are reading these) check out these books and if you've got any suggestions of any good reads, please let me know! And I thought this would be a quick post. Ciao bellas!

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