Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Hello Lovlies! As promised this post is going to focus on Spritzers and their use for locs. I have found that spritzing my locs on a daily basis has really helped in keeping my locs moisturised and soft. It is highly important that we keep our locs moisturized because not only does that make our locs pleasant to the touch but it also helps us in maintaining length. Dried out brittle locs lead to broken locs. I usually do several sprays focusing on my front locs, the back, the sides and the center. I have a lot of hair and it is very thick thus the numerous sprays. For those living in dry climates I would recommend daily spritzing, in the summer I do it twice but at the end of the day you know your hair best and how much you need to do it. I make my own spritzes and I really get into it as you can tell from the pictures of my arsenal. Some people keep their solution simple just water and some EO's (Essential Oils) of their choice. You can get Essential oils from most health food stores and Mountain Rose Herbs has quite a nice selection that you can order online. I am a fan of aloe vera juice and add that into my solution, so here goes my step by step instructions:
1. Brew herbs of your choice in hot distilled water(at the moment I'm useing Horsetail Leaf and Nettle Leaf). Add Nettle Leaf Powder, Horsetail Powder and Marshmallow Leaf Powder(this is optional) about a Tablespoon each for all the above mentioned ingredients. Let the Brew sit until it cools (I usually let it sit at least 2hrs.) Once the brew has cooled strain it so you only have liquid (use a cheese cloth or muslin cloth will do).

2. In another bottle add 502 of the brew and add 30z of aloe vera juice

3.In same bottle add Jojoba oil, Wheat Germ oil about 1 Tablespoon each

4.In same bottle add 1 teaspoon castor oil and 1 tsp vegetable glycerin

5. In the same bottle add the EO of your choice at the moment I'm into Rosemary. When useing EOs a little really does go a long way so just a few drops! Ladies who are pregnant make sure that the EO you choose is safe for you.

6. I add a dash of citric acid (available at grocery stores) and a few drops of vitamin E oil, these are natural preservatives so the solution will keep and doesn't get rancid.

Treat this mixutre as a concentrate (I told you I have a detailed process). You can keep the solution in your fridge if you like.

7. In a spray bottle I use about 1/2 concentrate to 1/2 distilled water. And that ladies and gentlemen is my spritzer mixture.

I also have friends who are useing my spritzes who don't have locs and they use it as a leave-in conditioner, in fact the one in the photograph isn't even for me!

Play around, my steps aren't hard and fast rules, if you want to simplify go ahead I'm a kitchen chemist who loves playing around and figuring new solutions and ingredients so I really like to get into it!I get my spray bottles from Sally's Beauty Supply or Target.

when brewing and mixing use glass containers or plastic avoid aluminum or any metal based container, because I go through my concentrates so fast (since I'm not making them just for me) I keep it in plastic bottles I bought from Sally's, if you know you will be keeping the concentrate for a bit I would recommend keeping it in a glass container. Whew! I think that about covers it. If you've got questions feel free to contact me and I'll respond ASAP.

Enjoy bellas, keep those locs moisturised!

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  1. For the past two days I have just tried a version of this and OMG this stuff is awesome!!! I'm gonna post about it after I finish this latching session. That will give it a good test run as I'm not washing/rinsing my hair during this time. So be on the look out for that. Thanks for sharing!