Monday, July 6, 2009


Hello ladies, So I was feeling a little insecure about myself, my life, the whole being single, still living in an apartment, the oh poor me I'm a loser doldrums. Surprise! I'm not always a ball of mirth and sunshine. There I was pitying myself for no good reason and the only solution was to pop in my Netflix movie and continue to swim in my woe is me mood. As I opened the envelope the title of the movie was Happy-Go-Lucky, how ironic I thought, well whatever. My dears the universe does work in mysterious ways. The movie is about a happy, single 30 year old London teacher who lives in an apartment with her best friend and starts to take driving lessons (funny personal fact I recently just got my driving license this past Christmas). Her driving teacher is her exact opposite a man who is judgemental and devoid of humor. What I appreciated about this movie is the character's self-acceptance, love of her life and balance. She's got a great sense of humor and despite what some of the other characters might think about her, her life, she knows that the most important thing is her happiness and balance and it's a beautiful thing to watch. This movie smacked me out of my grass is greener attitude and self bashing, it was inspiring because of its simplicity without being preachy. I've included the trailer for you to get an idea. A good film for all, especially the individuals living life on their terms, knowing that being content with life is in self acceptance of yourself and others and that life is a journey. A good film for those who need to be reminded of that every now and then.

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  1. " life on your own terms..." Now that is a winner despite conventional wisdom.