Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tooting My Own Horn!

Ok, just had to gush a bit and give myself a thumbs up! The reason being I made a spritz for my friend at work, I was a little nervous giving it to him but I need not have worried, He loved it!!! I'm so happy he said his curls were defined, his hair moisturized without feeling greasy that he didn't even need gel. I mixed him a hair gel with an aloe vera gel base, oils and marshmallow leaf (he's looking forward to using it.) I love a good hair day, I love it even more when I can be a part of someone else's good hair day. Posted pics of the handsome fella.

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  1. Hi,

    I really have enjoyed your blog and your videos! You and your locs are absolutely gorgeous!! I would like to ask you about the glass carefe,( I may be using the wrong word), that you used in your herbal rinse video to brew the nettle and horsetail tea rinse.
    Where can I purchase one like that? It seems so very convenient. Thank you for all your time and information. It has really enlightened and helped me!