Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sisterlocks vs Traditional locs vs Loose Hair ?!?

This has been bothering me for a while and I just have to get it off my chest (warning: long rant to follow). On forums and googling I come across people debating over which form of locing is "better" or sisterlocks not being real locs, locs better than loose hair and vice versa and the term Natural Hair Nazis! Really Ladies?!? Has it come to this? Seriously?!? When I began my natural journey it was because my health, hair and personal aesthetic could not deal with chemically straightening my hair and since that decision I've worn my natural hair loose and now on my second set of traditional locs, which I Love! When I see a black women with a beautiful head of natural, healthy hair whether loced or not, I am always amazed by it's beauty. It literally takes my breath away. I don't get that feeling when I see a beatuiful head of straight hair and that's fine because that is my personal taste ! Just that, nothing more, nothing less. My aunt was so tired of relaxing her hair, she was losing her hair, tired of extensions and didn't want to do the Big Chop THANK GOD FOR SISTERLOCKS! She now has a beautiful head of healthy locs and she didn't have to cut her hair to do it and I am so glad I was able to show her her options. One of the biggest fan of my locs has a texturizer in her hair, she likes having her hair that way and I respect that and she looks good! I am so happy that we as black women are embracing our beautiful coily, kinky, nappy hair in all its glory and loving every minute of it but please when I read about this vs. this vs. this it makes me think of the whole good hair, bad hair mentality and that is a damn shame. Why can't we just embrace all natural hair, realize that people are entitled to their preference and it's all good. I know as a natural you run into some ignorance from those who don't wear their hair natural but I've also received a lot of love, admiration and compliments from relaxed, straight weave wearing ladies. If they can honor and respect my beauty I should do likewise. And for all the Natural Hair Nazis out there (and yes I too have fallen into that category), who are we to act all high and mighty when not too long ago most of us were worrying about our roots showing too.


  1. You are so right on this!

    Oh, I forgot to tell tell you that I changed the url on my blog,

  2. ITA and that debate is pathetic. Some say my sls aren't real like traditional locs, some say I no longer have sls (cos I DIY with a different tool)..whatever. Just do what's best for you. LOL at natural hair nazis!

  3. anthia-ofo I couldn't agree more, rock your beautiful locs!!!!