Monday, August 10, 2009

When Time is tight Rinse and Brush!

I am a big fan of the prolonged rinsing and the brushing of locs. I like to wash my hair once a week, I'm quite active and my scalp starts feeling crunchy, if I don't get my shampoo and conditioner in. But as we all know sometimes life and laziness get in the way and in comes the prolonged rinsing!!!! I rinse my locs in the shower, massage my scalp and rinse some more then just towel blot my locs. I then brush my locs with a soft boar bristle brush, now I would recommend this for only mature locs and let me tell you it's awesome. Ladies I've been regularly brushing my locs for about a year now, it invigorates my scalp and prevents lint, it's awesome! (using that word a bit too much?) I got mine from Sally's just make sure it's not too hard rub it across your hand and if it's stiff and scratchy Step Away! That's it pretty simple. Also when I rinse I don't put any oils in my hair or spritz, I resume that after I've done a proper shampoo. Posted pics of my hair after rinsing and brushing and my brush. Got any questions about brushing and rinsing or anything else on locs for that matter just give me a shout!

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