Sunday, September 27, 2009

Minutes Saved, Effort Wasted

So during my whole move and when I was more or less settled in my new apartment and had to wash and do a retighting, I decided to twist instead of latch. The main and only reason was laziness and I thought it would be quicker, if I said otherwise in an earlier post I was lying (it happens). Anyways what a waste of time, within a week my roots were already coming undone and when I washed my hair yesterday any evidence of my roots being done had vanished. AAAAAHHHHHHH when will I ever learn. For those who twist their roots (and by twisting I mean palm or finger twisting) and it works for you, yeah! But for others who are either intimidated or feel it takes too much time, those hours you put into latching your roots are well worth it. I ordered some more henna so after I've dyed my hair again I will do a proper latching session. Also I finally have the photos of what my hair looks like in the light with henna. I'm really liking it! And from what I've read the more you henna the darker it gets! I also have some big news (at least for me Lol!) But that is for my next post. Stay tuned ladies....

p.s. the other photos is proof of my unravelled roots after a week! A week!!!!!!!


  1. Moving ain't no joke so I understand why you chose to twist instead of latch. But like you show in your picture, unless you don't get water on your head or workout, twisting is not gonna hold.

    I can really see the henna in your locs. Looks great!

  2. thank-you!!!! I'm liking the henna too.