Sunday, November 1, 2009

Soft Spike Curlers & Thermal Ionic Pro by Babyliss

I decided it was high time I started styling my locs a little bit more, most of the time it's just wash, condition and dry. That's fine but one of the reasons I chose to have my locs a smaller size was for styling purposes and here I was wasting the opportunity! In order to rectify the situation I ordered Soft Spike Curlers. They are foam/sponge rollers that are so comfortable you can sleep in them, you don't need end papers! Very popular in the loc community and after testing them out I understand why, they are fantastic and so easy to use!!!!! I just wanted soft waves so rather than starting on wet hair, I sprayed my hair with an aloe vera gel and water mix (recipe to follow), rolled my hair, sat under the dryer and voila! beautiful wavy curls, lots of body to my hair and me feeling very cute! There is another brand called Loc Loops that is also popular as well. I chose to go with the soft spike curlers because you get more bang for your buck ( a set which is 60 curlers cost $19.00) and the only difference I could see between the two products was just cosmetic. For easy styling these curlers are painless and awesome.
Now on to my other purchase. I also got a standing hard cover hair dryer, the Thermal Ionic Pro by Babyliss. I need one because I do a lot of hot oil treatments and in my journey of styling my hair more I figured this would come in handy also I don't always have the time to air dry my hair after I wash it and sometimes I wash my hair at night and can't go to bead with wet locs. This dryer is awesome because I was short on time when I set my hair with the soft spikes I sat under the dryer for 15 min and I was good to go!Remember I was starting from damp not wet hair. The dryer was easy to assemble, you won't need any help, the stand is adjustable so you can sit and watch t.v. at ease and the air disperses very evenly. There are several heat settings as well. Was and still am very happy with this purchase, I bought mine from (their prices were better than Amazon's for the same dryer). Ladies loced or loose this is really a sound investment for your hair. You can see my styling skilz (lol!) on my YouTube channel I'm MsKPJ. That's what I've been up to stylewise, hope you had a Happy and Safe Halloween.
Ciao Bellas!

p.s. I didn't forget here is the recipe for my Aloe Vera setting spray. I don't have accurate measurements because this was just made spur of the moment and I didn't measure so I'm just guessing here.

4oz. of Aloe Vera juice
2oz. of Aloe Vera gel
6oz. of distilled water
5 drops of your favorite essential oil
shake and spray! I would advise to keep the remainder of the solution in your fridge.


  1. Your hair looks so pretty! I can't wait to use Soft Spikes.