Monday, November 9, 2009

You are an Inspiration! Whether You Know it or Not

My friend and business partner Rochelle is starting Locs!!!! She starts her journey tomorrow and I am so excited for her and I also am enjoying that she has allowed me to be part of her journey ( I set up her hair consultation). For all of us on our natural hair journey, whether you realise it or not, by you embracing, loving and rockin' your natural hair by default you are natural hair ambassador and your presence inspires another woman(or man) who has wanted to embrace her kink but for whatever reason was holding back. That's a beautiful thing! Embrace it! My mother has stopped relaxing her hair, my aunt wears locs, my colleague at work has stopped texturizing his hair and now Rochelle has embarked on her loc journey. Although it may seem like "just hair" we know it represents more than that and when we embrace our natural texture a process of healing, self love and acceptance begins and if it wasn't such a profound experience we wouldn't see the countless blogs, videos and books testifying to the that. So for those days when you are getting frustrated or you get a negative comment just remember by you doing you and giving yourself permission to be free whether you know it or not you just gave someone else the extra boost they needed to free themselves, expand their concept of beauty. Without doing anything but being yourself you're a high profile diplomat in the world of self love, acceptance and freedom. Enjoy bellas!

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  1. Very friend is a committed nappy who had 2 options-loc or cut it short.Her husband told her to cut, so she did.No afetr seeing my locs she's planning on groing her hair and going ahead.Her younger sister also wants to start locs.We don't need to 'preach' about the versatility of locs all the time.