Saturday, April 3, 2010

Back Again!

Yes I know I've been M.I.A but I'm back. So what's new? well I'm currently dealing with personal ennui and a restless feeling. I could write a whole blog on that subject but I won't. I'm choosing to view this restless frustration as an indication that great things are on my horizon (gotta keep it positive lol!) soooooo.....I have noticed that I'm surrounded by some really talented women who inspire, educate me and who I am lucky enough to call friends so I decided that every now and then I need to give a shout out! I shall begin with my dear friend Nadine Leonova who has started a website and blog called (I will add to my link list). Through her quest for making sure the food she puts in her body are of the highest quality she has a lot of valuable information that many of us could use. I know I mostly focus on hair but as I've said before if you aren't feeding your body properly all the oils, creams, serums, deep conditioners won't do squat! Since so many of us are focused on hair growth (which begins from within) the information this lady has can educate us and empower us to make sensible choices in regards to the food we eat. So check her out and I promise I'll be back soon. I wish you all a Happy Easter Sunday!

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