Monday, April 5, 2010

Loc Ends

So I've passed the 3 year mark with my locs, heading to the 3.5 year mark and I consider my locs mature, I wash whenever I feel, don't worry about unravelling and all that good stuff but guess what I still have...... ends that haven't "sealed" up yet and truth be told I don't think they ever will. I kind of like my curly cue ends and if they want to stay that way then so be it, just another unique aspect of this hair of mine. As long as the hair is healthy and strong then it's all good with me.


  1. Not that my locs are as long and mature as yours but I have curlies too. It used to bother me but like you said...the locs are healthy and strong and that's all that matters. Woo!

  2. I totally agree with B on that! Besides, it gives them that little extra pizzaz I say.