Saturday, May 15, 2010

She's Still on Her Journey

Update on my dear friend Rochelle's locs, they're gone. I was sad that she let them go and I knew they would be beautiful, but when someone isn't feeling the journey, they aren't feeling the journey and as one of my biggest supporters of my locs since day 1, I gotta respect "her journey for her hairstyle". While she transitions she did some lovely, lovely, lovely twists courtesy of Ms. Tyla of Sankofolocs Natural Haircare (she has a Facebook account check it out!!!!). She is based in Inglewood, California and can be reached at 323.674.4038. I've had the pleasure of speaking with this woman and she's sweet and deep, we have never met but do you know we ended up talking on the phone for over an hour! Love it! I plan to get my next retighting from her and she is muy affordable!!! So until then gaze upon her lovely handiwork on my dear friend.

p.s. I'm still a DIYer but every now and then a girl can treat herself!


  1. Hi there...Umm.I don't know what to say really.I guess thank you would be a start!Anything adjustable would work I guess.Something bigger than what you'd use for a ponytail, something I can use while my hair's still short as a headband..Whatever suits the pocket.And don't feel obliged to do it please!Hope you don't mind my typing my response over here!

  2. no worries, I'll get you some and if you feel comfortable email your address to my email and that way my mom can mail it to you.