Monday, September 27, 2010

It Takes Time

I love lurking on other people's blogs and YouTube channels that document their loc journey, their transition to natural hair or the Big Chop.  I enjoy experiencing every wonderful stage, even though for a lot of the women a lot of those stages feel far from enjoyable.  There is usually a lot of frustration, confusion and a little bit of fear. "My hair is not growing!", "My locs keep unravelling!!", "My hair just looks crazy!!!" etc., . How do you express to someone who's feeling frustrated  not to worry you're doing fine, your hair is doing what it's supposed to do.  Or to someone going through the budding stage and explain that I truly see your hair as beautiful, it makes me all excited.  I guess I have the luxury because I know what's coming next, I know how the story ends. So to the newly natural please try through the frustration to view these moments as a time of exploration and a deep true knowledge and acceptance of your unique hair and the realization that it's all good. I'm not saying pretend or deny the disappointment or confusion you might go through from time to time but after you've acknowledged it, move on and get to the real fun of getting to know your hair and all of the things it's capable of.  Let's be frank, for most of us the issues we are having are more than hair. Our sense of what is considered beautiful, feminine, sexy, acceptable is all up for question and not everyone is  embracing the journey  with the same gusto, excitement and determination that  you have. Please trust that the patience, persistence and power you will gain starts spreading to other areas of your lives and opening other doors of self awareness and self exploration (plus you get to look cute too!).  So take heart! If you can't always enjoy the journey try to  learn from the journey!

Ciao Bellas!

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