Thursday, October 7, 2010

Calendula Oil

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As you can see it's time for another review/ info on an oil love of mine.Welcome to Calendula oil!  For all those with sensitive skin this oil should be a good one for you to check out.  I fist started using this oil  as a hot oil treatment for my hair and lately I've been putting it in when I mix my French Green Clay mask and also my oil mixture that I use on my face.  I got turned on to applying Calendula oil on my face from a visit to a aesthetician  who said it would help with the inflammation  from my acne.  It was lovely on my hair and it works wonders for my skin.  So a few facts on this lovely oil.  The oil comes from a flower sometimes called Pot Marigold.   The mildness of the oil allows it to be a good treatment for burns, skin rashes, inflammation, and wounds. Calendula oil also has antiseptic, anti fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties, making it a great option for treating skin infections. Other uses for the oil are treating dry or chapped skin, diaper rash, inflammation, fungal issues like athletes's foot, eczema and it can help to prevent scars.  Calendula is also available as a tea, which make me wonder about it's uses as an herbal rinse hmmmm.......Sidenote the tea may help women regulate their mensturation cycle and help detoxify the body.  I purchased my Calendula oil from Mountain Rose (no surprise there) but as always with the aid of google one can find numerous vendors. As usual I hope you find this information useful and always feel free to contact me if you have further questions.  


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  1. Love it when weird and wonderful things happen!!!

    I was on irocklocs website yesterday and marked your blog as a favorite to read later when i had time and couldnt be bothered to link it to my blog......(there mouthful lol!)

    Anyway the point i was trying to make here is that i had a nasty bout of eczema on my arms and basically all over my bod mostly due to a allergic reaction to oils my doc prescribed for me as a wash.

    Fast forward to two nights ago when someone mentioned Calendula lotion to use as someone in similar position to me had tried the docs and failed miserably. They now swear by the lotion which was purchased in a English company called 'Neals Yard' all natural and traditional remedies.

    Just ordered my 200ml lotion with oats and decided to take my mind of my skin and check out your blog and low and behold you had a post on Calendula....AMAZING!!!!!

    I also read somewhere that you can use the tea to lightening your hair. Truly amazing stuff.

    Oh yes before i forget, i did find little tubes of Calendula creams (30ml) and used up 2 in the first two days. Great stuff i can tell you. The dry skin is shedding by the second and revealing soft new skin underneath. But in truth when i went to the docs the last time and showed her my skin and demanded she gave me a tablet as creams are no good for me she prescribed a five day steriod tablet treatment which is tackling the issue from inside.

    So i pray hard that when am done with that in 2 days time the calendula will continue to work its magic on my bod.

    (Coming up for air)Thank you for your post on Calendula oil....i have learnt something new today again. ; 0