Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer Loc Update

So as we enter fall, I'm doing a little summer recap on the hair.  My locs are now in the mature stage (3 years and 8 months!!!) nothing new is really occurring, except growth. I've upped my styling but I'm still pretty lax about that and I've come to accept that I'm not a loc style maven and it's OK. I do a curly  set now and then, the occasional braid out and not until New Year's will I be attempting any updo's.  Boring I know folks but whatta ya gonna do? The huge adjustment for me this summer though is getting used to having long hair, I still consider myself mid length but I'm starting to flirt at the borders of long hair and that's exciting as I haven't worn my hair long since....... Anyways my theme this summer has been all about conditioning. I've had to up the anty as far as my conditioning routine goes which was and sadly still is at the bare, bare minimum, but with length comes more conditioning responsibility. And who wants dry, brittle locs?! I've been doing my herbal rinses (sporadically) and don't even ask me the last time I deep conditioned. I guess I thought I could get by with spritzing alone but you can't. So I'll be pulling out the oils for some hot oil treatments, I also bought  a conditioner from Trader Joe's which I will do a review on and last but not least I really want to try  an egg mayo conditioner (that will be homemade). Since I love playing around with ingredients so much, this should be fun. In the mean time I posted a pic of my current length, I have no idea yet how long I want to go but I'm not finding the adjustment to having hair in your face and on your neck as tiresome as I thought it would be and in any case that's what ponytails and braids for!

Take Care Lovelies!

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