Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Apricot Hot Oil treatment......FAIL!

I know took me a while to get to the hot oil treatment but I finally did it was an epic fail.  I used apricot oil (4oz.), olive oil (1oz.), threw in some castor oil (3oz) added some honey  and sat under a hot cap for about 20 min.  Folks don't try this one because my locs are so crunchy it's not even funny. Yes I'm quite disappointed but I'm not going to blame the oils. I put too much honey (2 Tbs) in the mixture and normally when I add honey (1 tsp) I'll add some lemon juice and I didn't this time. I also think I added far too much castor oil as well. I noticed when I was rubbing the oil through my hair that it felt kind of sticky, you'd think I would've stopped but no like a fool I kept on rubbing the oil through my hair and now I have locs that feel like straw waaaaah!  I still have quite a bit of my failed concotion left so I will add some coconut oil and fresh squeezed lemon juice and let you folks know how I fared.  Cross fingers for me!


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