Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cellophane Hair Dye

Hello Folks!  Well today I gave my hair a cellophane hair dye treatment. Didn't I just dye my hair you ask? Yes I did and because I am so in love with the color I wanted to make sure that I increased its longevity, especially since red hair dyes are notorious for fading.   For those who don't know a cellophane hair dye is a special hair care method that uses semi-permanent hair color material that is specially formulated to provide color for the hair without actually using the damaging pigments in a hair dye. There is no ammonia or peroxide in cellophanes.  "The special substance used for this process has the ability to be deposited into your hair. Even dry and weak hair gets saturated with this substance of semi-permanent hair color. The substance is then locked up in the hair. This explains why it is called "cellophane" hair treatment--the process involves the protection of hair follicles and locking up the substance in it, just like common cellophane. After this treatment, your hair will look shinier and fuller than ever before." - People do a cellophane treatment if they want to add shine to their hair (don't expect that if you have locs), to enhance their hair color and to prolong a recent dye job.  You can go to a salon and do it but ever the DIYer I decided to do it myself. I used Sebastian Cellophanes in red red. I bought it a beauty supply store for $35.00 for 300ml . Most salons in LA charge around $45.00 for one treatment, so I saved myself quite a bit of dough because that bottle will last me for many future treatments to come. I slathered the stuff through my hair, it has the consistency of a thick conditioner, sat under my dryer for 45 min. (they say 20min. oh well!), rinsed it out and then shampooed my hair. Basically the same steps if you were applying a deep conditioner to your hair.  The results..... it definitely added vibrancy to my color and my hair feels lighter for some reason, the same way my locs feel and look after an ACV rinse.  And as I said earlier don't expect shine.  My hair like most with tightly coiled hair doesn't shine but has a sheen to it.  Doing this also helps to prolong my hair color which was my reason for doing it.  Because these dyes work more as an enhancer don't expect dramatic hair color change. Cellophane dyes also come in clear. I posted a pic but I apologise in advance for my lighting.  I was really curious to see how this would work on locs and so far so good!  Enjoy the rest of your week-end Lovelies!

P.S. Please keep in my mind I am not a professional hairstylist and any professional product is best left in the hand of professionals (that's my disclaimer) LOL!

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  1. Woooow, that's cool stuff. I've never heard of a cellophane hair dye.