Friday, December 17, 2010

Sankofa Natural Haircare

Hello, Hello, Hello!  Well around this time of year I like to treat myself and get a professional to retighten my locs.  This time I chose to go to Tyla of Sankofa Natural Haircare. I met this wonderful woman via YouTube (I tell you this social networking thing works!), we chatted over the phone and  finally I had the pleasure of her doing my hair and guys it truly was a PLEASURE! Aside from her wonderful manner, her compliments of my locs and how well maintained they are (yeah for me!), she is also incredibly affordable!!!! For those of us living in Los Angeles that is amazing because we don't have the quantity of natural hair stylists and specialists as you folks do on the east coast.  Tyla is truly a treasure, not only does she do locs, she also does braids, twists, etc., in fact I would suggest checking out her website where you can see her work for yourself at, I will also leave her website on my link list.  Of course I posted pics of my locs after my reti and Tyla and I looking really shiny lol!  Have a wonderful day lovelies!