Friday, February 11, 2011

NYX Grow Lash Serum Try Out

Ever get in the mood that you just want to buy something just to buy something? Well that was the mood I was in when I walked into ULTA and picked up the NYX Grow Lash Serum. I have no complaints about the length of my lashes but I wouldn't mind more volume, I am always on the hunt for the best volume enhancing mascara under $30, as yet of yet the search continues.  Anyways I saw this, they (NYX) claims that it's not as harsh as the prescription or other over the counter lash growth serums that are laden with harsh chemicals.  I apply the serum every night just above my lashes, simple as that. My opinion? I'm not sure I'm believing their hype, at best I think this will be a great conditioner for your lashes otherwise I'm not holding my breath...but since I wanted to buy something and it retails for around $24 I said why not.  So I'll keep you guys posted with pics.  This commences week 1. 
P.S. I'm supposed to see a notable difference after week 4

1 comment:

  1. Well, how are they coming? I found that Loreal's lash serum worked pretty well.
    I saw improvement, that my husband says he can still see, even though I haven't used it in months. My mom still uses hers.

    Oh, and you have an award to pick up at my blog. :)