Thursday, February 10, 2011

4 Year Loc Update

So this will be a quick post, just wanted to show where the locs are at at my 4 year mark.  To be quite honest I really haven't noticed any significant growth but my friends keep telling me how much my hair has grown.  I also trimmed a lot of my ends, close to the bottom most of them, a few in the middle and I am so thankful that I switched to interlocking because a lot of the weak points are where I used to palm roll.  Once again I think the combination of my hair texture and the fact that I have small locs maintenance through palm rolling would just weaken my locs.  I'm still loving the color and have decided that in a few months I'll go see a professional because I think I want to take the red up a notch and don't trust myself where any lightning agent might be involved.  So I'm going to focus on keeping my hair super healthy and conditioned (which I should be doing anyways) so I'm ready for my future color treatment.


  1. Hey Sis! Congrats on the 4 year mark, wow! They are indeed growing. It's hard to see when you are looking at own your head everyday. That's what's so great about documenting your journey in pictures.

    Gonna be bold with some red huh? Go head on girl! ;-)

  2. Thank you!!! Yeah I know I'm kicking the color up a notch lol! Still researching professionals though that I'm going to feel comfortable with of doing the process.