Monday, January 31, 2011

Back From Mozambique!

Inhaca, Mozambique

Hello Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful New Year! I sure did! Going back to Mozambique was so wonderful, I got to catch up with friends, eat AMAZING FOOD, dance the night away and oh so much more...  It was truly everything a holiday should be rest, relaxation and fun. On the hair front I have to say there is such an explosion of natural hair there that it was breathtaking, everything from braids to locs, to loose natural hair truly inspiring.  The nice thing I noticed was it was across all age groups from little girls, to teens, to young women and more mature ladies Fantastic, just fantastic. Not to forget the men but a lot of loc wearers there too.  I'd also like to add this was not limited to the "artsy" crowd but also in very conservative professional settings. One of the ministers wears her hair in locs! Well rather than me dithering on and seeing how many exclamation points I can put in this post, I'd just rather share some pics with your folks!
P.S. Forgot to mention Dec. 30 marked my 4th year loc anniversary!
Maputo, Mozambique

fresh catch! The size of the prawns!

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