Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Semi Freeform Journey So Far...

Well I finally got around to interlocking my roots last week, thus completing my 6 month semi freeform stretch. The next time I plan to retighten will be in December. I never was one to over manipulate this set of locs, because I learned my lesson the hard way from my first set of locs, but this was the furthest I have gone and I gotta say my hair is very happy. I was concerned in the beginning after I passed the 3 month mark that it might be detrimental to my locs only because they are small but I found quite the opposite.  I wasn't having a thinning problem but I noticed my root beds did feel stronger/thicker during this reti session. During my 6 months I would separate my locs after I washed by default because I condition my hair with oils and do a scalp massage that was good enough for me. I did have to amend my spritzing routine a bit and make sure I got my scalp and roots well because of the mini fro I had going.  Other than that it was easy. I love the added volume and the rest my root bed gets.  Now I'm going to stick to my 6 month schedule but I might (I said MIGHT) try and go a whole year next. Imagine only having to reti once a year.  Why don't I just freeform you ask? because I still do like the style, pattern and size of my locs my motivation for my infrequent reti comes from the fact that I am lazy and low maintenance when it comes to my hair. Basically I want to have my cake and eat it too LOL! For microlocks I'm not sure if semi freeforming is an option but if your locs are the same size as mine and you've been wondering if you could, I say give it a try!

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