Thursday, August 11, 2011

Finding Your Voice

Hello Lovlies!
I've been having quite an interesting past two weeks.  They've been filled with constant opportunity for me to find my voice. Actually the phrase finding your voice is a bit misleading. Your voice and I'm speaking inner voice here, your truth, was never lost it just gets over shadowed by the excessive noise of the world and the madness of the mind that occurs. Madness of the mind?!?  Yup, you know the constant insults we tell ourselves without thinking twice. Take a moment to pay attention to the thoughts that go through your head about yourself. How many of those thoughts are loving, self affirming, encouraging, clear, accepting, honoring of you? Would you voice those same thoughts you casually heap on yourself to your friend? partner? child? If the answer is no, then why on earth would you be so unkind to yourself?  The simple truth is if you can't do that for yourself, how can you expect anyone else to. So I urge you to take a moment and go within, what are you feeling? What is that inner voice saying when you've quieted everything down and put your mind in it's place. I promise you'll find truth there, you'll find clarity and you'll find freedom. We get so overwhelmed with what people have put on us and make that craziness our own whether it be from media or friends and family.  We've become disconnected with ourselves which just leads to a further disconnection from those around us and to us losing our humanity bit by bit. It might have been a while since you spent some quality time with yourself but I promise you it's time well spent and you're worth it. So get to know you again, what's going on with you? what you're feeling? I won't lie it's not all going to be roses and yes it's a process. You might unearth some things you've done a good job at squelching down and ignoring but trust me they're seeping out in other ways and probably not the healthiest ways either. There's a lot that we can't control and take charge of but we can take charge of ourselves and that's a beautiful thing, it's a privilege.  Don't ever get fooled into thinking you're not in control of you, even when it's that bothersome ego driven mind of ours.
Big Hugs Lovlies!

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