Friday, August 12, 2011

Colored Again! Clairol Professional Mix Tones

mix tones in Warm
Hello my name is Konima and I am a hair color addict. I confess it, I own up to it. I still am rocking my red hair color (I love it so!) but as many of you who have colored your hair red know, keeping it that vibrant hue is a beast!  I still do my cellophane treatments but I also rinse my hair often (due to exercise) and shampoo once a week. So the maximum wear  I get from the cellophane is 3 weeks tops. Well I was in Sally's Beauty Supply ( a very dangerous place for a color addict to be) and I saw Clairol's line of demi-permanent dyes hmmm... the shade range they had didn't quite do it for me but they had their mix tones. The Clairol Professional mix tones are pigments you can add to permanent or demi- permanent color to add warmth or intensify coolness. It has no ammonia but you mix it with their Clairol Professional premium creme demi permanent developer (no lift). Since I was going through an episode of restless hair syndrome, I picked up two tubes of warm along with the mini bottles of developer, grabbed a deep conditioner treatment and said to hell with it!  The product is very easy to use and for my hair I used a tube and a half and you use equal parts developer. Apply to clean dry hair, let it sit for  45 min. (I think?), wash out and condition. The results BAM! Back to my original vibrant red Yipee!!! I like this product, it's definitely not as strong as a permanent color but adds more oomph than a semi permanent and lasts longer than my cellophane, it even colored my roots! It does wash out after about 24 shampoos. Now they say it's safe to use every month but I'm not going to, because I don't want to play with fire and risk doing some severe damage to my color treated locs, so I'll continue maintaining with my cellophane treatment. I  would suggest this for those who do love to play with color but want a bit more longevity than a semi permanent or if you are using a Clairol brand hair dye and want to intensify the shade, this stuff is great. This won't really lift your color dramatically, for that you  need to enter permanent color or bleaching territory. For those whose hair is color treated  already with a permanent color proceed with caution. In spite of my rash behavior, I came out lucky (so far). I am super on top of my conditioning game and let's not forget I'm a color addict.

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