Thursday, August 18, 2011

Restless Hair Syndrome

This was taken sometime mid June
 I've been going through this phase where I'm not unhappy with my hair but I'm kind of like meh. This   feeling of slight ennui is what led me to trying the demi permanent hair dye and now I've been engaging in the dangerous activity of comparing my locs to others. I know, I know but I can't help it! And what's eating me now is length envy, the irony being that this is the longest my hair has been in years. Should I just embrace that and be satisfied?  Well I should but I'm not. I've been looking at fellow locers who have had locs for only 2 years, 3 years and their locs are either my length or longer and I'm approaching my 5th year!!!  I've decided to enlist the help of supplements. I've started taking biotin supplements and pre natal multivitamins (I also heard this is great for the skin too). I'm not expecting miracles but I should see some progress by my locversary on Dec. 30. The one good thing about keeping a blog, vlog or both is that when I go back and look at pictures I can see that my hair is actually growing, despite all that I wish it would grow faster, I'm ready for long locs now.  I need to follow my own advice and enjoy each stage of the process but until I get there let's see what difference adding these supplements will make.

P.S.  Sorry for the shoddy photo, I tried to get one of me now with my current length but my damn media program was acting up and I got frustrated. We'll just have to make due with this one taken in June with me at an odd angle.


  1. :-) One day at a time. In the meantime, your locs look great.

  2. Sis, I totally feel you on the loc envy length issue, but don't forget you have trimmed your locs a time, two or three in the past 5 years of your locs and they are beautiful by the way.

    I'm looking at it this way, my hair has always grown slower than average and having locs is not going to change that. However, with locs I have been able to retain the growth. My hair currently is the longest it's ever been and for that, I'm happy.