Thursday, August 2, 2012

Water Is Your Friend!!!!!

 I guess I take the knowledge that one of the best things for natural hair whether loose or locked is water for granted. I write this because in the past two weeks I have been approached by newly naturals who ask me what shampoo should they use and in the middle of the conversation reveal to me that they haven't cleansed their hair in over weeks and for some months!!! I remember the first time I locked my hair I went 3 weeks without washing my hair (gross I know) but my loctician at the time said I had to go without washing my hair in order for my hair to lock. I now know this for the misinformation that it is and made sure not to repeat that mistake again on my second set of locs, I washed those babies after one week. Will you experience unraveling? Yes, but not a lot and the key is to wash your hair gently and focus on your scalp. I found wearing a hair net (not stocking cap) over my baby locs greatly diminished any unraveling. The fear of your baby locs coming undone shouldn't keep you from a clean, healthy scalp! And guess what, if  your locs unravel you can just simply twist them back up again. Loose naturals who stretch out washing their hair either because they hate shrinkage (we'll address that in another post) or are still holding on to their relaxer days when water was the enemy, here is my PSA to you, WASH YOUR HAIR!!! When I was locked I shampooed once a week and rinsed my hair about 2 to 3 times a week, now with my loose hair I co-wash  at the very least once a week. Water is the best moisturizer for our hair, all the oils and butters we slap on simply help to seal in that moisture. Yes conditioners and leave-in conditioners aid in adding moisture to our hair, but most conditioners (including leave-ins) need to be applied to wet/damp hair, Clean hair.  So repeat after me, "I do not fear the water, the water is my hair's best friend".
Ciao Lovelies!

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