Sunday, August 19, 2012

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

 Getting hyped to go perform
Happy Sunday Lovelies!
If you follow me on twitter (my handle is @ExpandingBeauty), you know by now that I performed at the 4th Annual Long Beach Funk Fest. I along with my dance teacher and a few other of her students from her Brazilian Funk dance class performed live in front of quite a big crowd in downtown Long Beach and it was awesome!!!! When Gisella (my dance teacher) first approached the class with this opportunity to dance, my habit would have been to decline. Dance in front of 1000's of people yikes! If this had been a theater performance no problem, I am an actor after all but a dancer....But a little voice inside of me asked what are you scared of? My fear was that I would look ridiculous and would mess up steps. So I faced my fear, and gave it a big who cares and took the opportunity. What a great decision on my part! Not only was it fun, the audience was FANTASTIC, they cheered us on, started dancing and afterwards a few asked to take pictures with us and people would come up and tell us how much they enjoyed. Did we do all the steps perfectly? Hell No! But it didn't matter one iota, we all just danced our hearts out and had a good time.   Every once in a while I believe it's good to step outside our comfort zones and see just what we're made of.  Nine times out of ten we will be pleasantly surprised and I believe that it  helps you to positively expand your spirit. Boy did I find out what I was capable of, we danced a 32 minute set straight!!! Most of the time dance sets are 10 minutes max and  Brazilian Funk is an extremely high energy form of dance. So go ahead try something new (be safe) whatever the results you'll feel so much stronger and confident because you stepped outside your box.

P.S. For those in LA you can take Funk classes at the Brasil Brasil Cultural Center

The Whole Gang with teacher Gisella Ferreira and DJ Potira

P.P.S Info on Long Beach Funk Fest

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