Monday, November 5, 2012

....And I'm Back

on the set of "Uneducation" 
So I took a bit of a break, due to travelling and life in general. A lot has been happening and the good thing is that it's mostly good (Thank God!). I went to Barcelona and London for 15 days and had a wonderful vacation, came back to shoot a web series, got interviewed for an upcoming magazine, working on two other media projects that I'm going to keep hush hush for now and getting through one day at time. Things have been a bit hectic and yes life is throwing me some interesting challenges but I know I'm going to get through those too, I'm running on faith y'all.  But aside from making my reappearance in the blogging world, it's time for a hair update.  The hair is growing and I think I'm going to let it grow. While I still am doing my co-wash routine, I now twist my hair up and rock a twist out when I'm going to an event or shooting.  So I hope all is well with everybody, I'm determined to get back on track with doing regular posts.  See you soon lovlies!

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