Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Henna Hair Challenge

Hello Loves,

Yes I know it's unfair informing you so late about  my new hair challenge. I was inspired by the blog post from the minimalist beauty, who did a weekly henna challenge for two months. I love henna and what it does for my hair and sr I've been doing monthly henna treatments since last August (I think). Initially I started to henna my hair as a safer alternative to chemical hair dyes and stuck with the tedious routine because of the wonderful conditioning benefits it gives my hair. I notice when I henna, my hair is stronger, has great sheen, definition and looks healthier. So now I'm two weeks into my henna hair challenge and entering my third. I've changed my mixture just a bit, instead of a full henna treatment, I'm doing more of a henna gloss. Since I still want the color payoff from the henna I allow the dye to release fully and once that has occurred I add conditioner to the mixture. This is my process:

Step 1: Mix the henna ( I didn't measure), along with 2 Tbs. orange peel powder (great for the hair) and  2 Tbs. Cinammon (this really helps with the smell) with warm water(you can also use green tea or chamomile tea) and about 2Tbs. apple cider vinegar (you can also use lemon juice). I add enough warm water until the henna has a cake batter like consistency. I let this mixture sit overnight to allow the dye to release.
Step 2:  I add in coconut milk, avocado oil and lots of conditioner (use a moisturizing conditioner, preferably without protein) to the henna mixture.
Step 3: I apply my henna condition mixture to freshly washed, towel dried hair.
Step 4: Cover my hair with a plastic cap and sit under my heating cap for about an hour. Then leave the mixture in for an additional 3 hours.
Step 5: Wash out the henna, you can co-wash the henna out if you want. Then I towel dry my hair, add my leave in conditioner and style my hair.

henna conditioner mix
styled my hair in twists
I know it's a process, but my hair lurrves it! Adding conditioner and oil makes the application and rinsing out the henna much easier, it also doesn't leave your hair so dry.  So far I haven't noticed a texture change in my hair, if anything my coils are more defined because of these treatments.  I plan to carry out this challenge for at least the month of April, since henna acts like a protein treatment if my hair starts feeling like it's had enough I'll scale back to my once a month treatment (I'll keep you guys posted). I'm currently using the Ayur Rajashtani henna which I much prefer over the Light Mountain henna.  If you've been itching to try henna, join me in my challenge!

P.S. google henna gloss for different recipes.

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