Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Are You Giving Away Your Dreams?

Hello Lovelies,

So I had a personally profound moment/thought/realization and I wanted to share. Often in life we say we want to reach certain goals in our lives. In order to achieve our goals we prepare, we visualize and we work towards attaining our goal  and then the day arrives where we are either right there ready to cross the finish line. We've dreamed about this day, worked so hard for it and for some inexplicable reason we let go of the opportunity given to us. It makes no sense at all right? Why would we do such a thing?!? I think this happens because deep down we feel we don't deserve it. This feeling of unworthiness to fully realize our dreams can be disguised as guilt, false humility or fear. I think for a lot of us we need to get over questioning whether we  deserve to have our dreams come true, because the answer is yes! And not because you're a good person, a bed person, a hard worker  generous, selfish but because you asked for it and knew you were worthy enough to receive it. So the next time you are given a chance to shine, remember it's there because you asked for it and you have every right to shine bright. Your very existence makes  you worthy enough to pursue your dreams and have your dreams come true.


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