Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Facing Protective Styling

Hello Lovelies,

Confession time. One of the things that intimidated me about  growing my hair longer aside from detangling was watching naturals do their protective  styles.  I would watch videos of women doing their various styles and was impressed with their creativity, patience and skill but felt that I could never do that. When I had locs I would style them once in a blue moon but most of the time my locs were in a ponytail, because I could get away with that. Not so with my loose hair, as much as I am enjoying my loose hair it's definitely more high maintenance.  Wearing my hair in a wash and go is no longer a practical option for me as it just leads to crazy tangles. So I  started wearing my hair in individual twists  they kept my hair in stretched state (minimizing tangling), great for the gym but when I wanted to go out aka look cute I would need to do a twist out. The major drawback with this is  having to retwist my hair every night *sigh*.  So in my quest for ease and satisfying my vanity my journey into more intricate protective styling  has begun. I'm taking baby steps but I surprise myself each time with what I can accomplish and how much I enjoy styling my hair. I love the fact that I can wear one style for a week (sometimes two). I  want to get to the point where I can learn how to do individual braids and twists with extensions but for now I'm working on my flat twist and parting technique. So if if you've been holding back  on doing protective styles yourself, wistfully wishing you had such skills, you probably do! My suggestion is to start out with simple styles and you'll see that slowly your skill level will grow, your creativity too and you'll start adjusting styles to fit your hair type and length.  Our natural hair can do so much and sure you always have the option to go to a stylist but there is a sense of pride and accomplishment when you're creating these cute styles and people are coming up to you asking where you got your hair done, trust me;)


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