Monday, July 22, 2013

Your Best Beauty Supply Store Just Might Be Your Local Ethnic Store

Hello Lovelies,

This goes out to all my DIYers, ladies and gents on a budget and those who love to explore. One truly awesome thing about living in Los Angeles is that it is such a multicultural city and with that comes a lot of small shops that cater to their particular ethnicity's needs whether it be a west African store selling palm oil, African black soap, Shea butter, the Armenian and middle eastern stores with Rose water, walnut oil, avocado oil or the Indian store with coconut oil, henna and boatloads of Aryuvedic beauty treatments. I love going to these stores and get lost in the aisles whether I'm buying food or looking for ingredients to  make my own beauty concoctions. I find that not only am I getting quality products the prices are SOOOO much cheaper than if I were to go online or to a mainstream health food boutique store.  A lot of times these shops are family run. In my experience when I've asked questions on the use of certain products and their benefits, I get a wealth of information and sometimes a mini history and cultural lesson. After shopping I always feel I've discovered some great treasures at  fantastic prices and nine times out of ten I have. I now make my toner from orange blossom water, color my hair with henna, cleanse my face with African black soap and it goes on and on. While one does have to be discerning, I find that shopping at my local ethnic stores ensures I'm getting the genuine article of the product I'm searching for. So don't be shy go on a shopping adventure and see what treasures you discover, it'll expand your mind, promise;)

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