Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Change...It can be a doozy

I've been gone for a while, I took a bit of hiatus because my  life has been going at such a pace and I haven't allowed myself time to let things sink in and take a breath. So rather than give a review on beauty products I've been using (I'll still do that), or hair updates (it's growing) I'm in more of a reflective mood.  Let me bring you folks up to speed.  I moved to Toronto, got to go to Chile and I lost one of the most important people in my lives. Let's start with the move, simply put I was unhappy and I needed a change. I needed to place myself in an environment where I could grow and be creative and achieve the goals in my life that I've set out for myself and funnily enough Toronto is the perfect city for me to do that as an artist and for my personal life.  I packed up everything made the big move and once I arrived I just hit the ground running. Got a job, got an agent, got my own place and booked some gigs Great! While I was here my uncle passed away and that....well that gutted me. It was the first time I've dealt with the death of someone that was very, very close and dear to me and to be honest I'm still dealing with it. Since I've moved, I've been making sure to keep myself busy and if it wasn't work, I've been making sure to find other distractions some good and some not the smartest choices and I've not given myself anytime to reflect, take in all that's happened within a space of 8 months. Well it's finally hitting me that I just moved from a place I lived for 10 years, had friends, knew like the back of my hand to a new city that I visited twice but never lived in and while it was definitely the right choice woah! My decision is starting to really sink in now, I'm dealing with the woah right now. I guess I was doing such a good job of distracting myself I didn't allow myself or want to allow myself time to deal with the woah factor, but life doesn't work that way. You see by not giving myself the space to have things sink in and run away from that I lose focus and lose sight of what's important and why I made these decisions to begin with and come to terms with the fact that this city is now my home. Change happens, sometimes small, sometimes huge, sometimes you're the driving force of change and sometimes you're blindsided. I'm still navigating through a lot but I'm realizing that change is  a great opportunity to achieve new things in your life, break bad habits, learn and grow but if you don't take the time to let things sink in, take stock of things then you're wasting the chance you've been given. So I'm taking things one day at a time, being as present as I can be and allowing myself the space to let things sink in so I can stay focused on the things I want.  It's good to be back:)

Ciao Lovlies!

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